Having healthy, strong and voluminous hair plays an important role in the psychological well being for both men and women. A preventative treatment at the earliest signs of any hair problem is crucial at any age.

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A Detailed Services List

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Treatments Haircare specific
We treat all problems related to haircare including: baldness, weakened hair, thinned or brittle, scalp conditions including dandruff and excess oil.
The De Martino studio uses several innovative technologies for treatment such as electrical stimulation, which allows the improvement of microcirculation and the revitalization of the hair itself.
The mineralogramma test is capable of detecting elements lacking in the hair shaft, therefore allowing to prescribe a specific cure. Restoring a healthy chemical balance is not only essential for the hair but that of the whole organism.
Massaging the scalp can restore vitality and resilience which inevitably is weakened often times due to muscle loss. With each client it is necessary to personalize each treatment with the use of therapeutic hair products and natural herbal products. When the two are combined the results are the most effective.
For all cases not treatable with hair products alone we evaluate another option, that of the Microautotrapianto, micro transplant. The microisole containing a collection of a hair (monobulbare transplant) up to ten hair strands; is a guaranteed procedure for great results and a brief recovery time.



This technique has been named microautotrapianto because it involves the removal of microisole from a minimum of 0.5 mm to a maximum of 2 mm in diameter, containing a (single bulb) with approximately ten strands.


Thickening non – surgical integrated with natural hair
Thickening non-surgical integrated with natural hair.
This technique will allow the thickening without surgery.

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