Claudio De Martino

International Hair Stylist
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Claudio began his career working by his father side at a very early age. Quickly showing signs of great talent and tremendous ambition Claudio trained for several years taking courses and attending as many events both in Italy and throughout Europe and eventually North America. Today Claudio De Martino is the head founder, stylist, art director and tricologist of the De Martino group.

In 1994 Claudio left his father’s shop to launch a new location in Centro Direzionale, a rich business area unique for its high rise Japanese development that sets itself apart from the great historic core of Naples. The new opening which has now celebrated its 18th year, embraces salon services for men and women, a hair loss centre, aesthetics and natural path products.

Claudio has attended several International events such as“Cosmoprof Worldwide” in Bologna, “International Beauty Show” in New York, “The B2B Event Las Vegas”, “Salon International Excel” in London, “Intercharm” Moscow and finally “Cosmoprof” Hong Kong, America’s Beauty Show 2013 Chicago

Claudio De Martino has gained reputable recognition in his field thanks to his experience in Tricology his flagship salon and of course his continued growth professionally which has strengthened the choice and quality of the style, service and products that today represent De Martino.